Here Is The Best Guide — With Photos! — To Help You Find The Perfect Outdoor Dining & Restaurant Option That Works For You

From European-style sidewalk tables and streeteries, to rooftops and dedicated dining areas, we made this guide for you to find the perfect alfresco dining scenario.

With the end of almost every streetery came a new dilemma: when it’s nice outside, what restaurants have good options that work for your needs?

Because there are PLENTY of options. However, not all alfresco dining options are the same. Some are thoughtful like Parc, where outside dining is meant to mimic European cafes. Some retained their streetery structures like Rouge and Rosy’s Taco Bar. Others are meant to capture overflow and dog owners, like Zama. So it becomes really, really, REALLY hard to gauge the nuances and options for outdoor dining sometimes just from pretty photos and Instagrams.

Most people don’t have time to sift through photos and comments to find a space that is perfect for their needs. Therefore, we went to a ton of restaurants to make sure we were capturing what they offer, space-wise. We also applied the following rules to the list:

  • No casual eateries (e.g., Shake Shake)
  • Ability to sit outside at a table
  • Full service provided at the table

We’ve also organized them into the following categories:

We’ll continue to update this list should things change, as they inevitably do, plus we will continue to add more as we find them. We’ve also included Rittenhouse adjacent areas because, why not?

We hope this guide of 33 (!!) restaurant options helps you find the outdoor dining option that fits your style or needs.

Dedicated Outdoor Areas

Condesa | 📍1830 Ludlow St

Condesa is sort of a hidden Mexican restaurant gem. Sort of, because it’s not hidden by any means, however, it’s the kind of place locals forget, then rediscover because the food and drinks are exceptional. After all, its parent company also owns Kalaya, Suraya, and a few other loved restaurants. However, Condesa and its sibling El Techo, located on the rooftop (more on that below!) keep it fun with programming like Mezcal Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and more. It’s located in the Motto by Hilton and next to Roost Rittenhouse so expect a lively atmosphere.

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Green Eggs Cafe | 📍33 S 18th St

There’s not much open early on Saturday or Sunday morning so Green Eggs Cafe is a great option. And then it’s also a great option when things are open and you’re hankering for something like red velvet pancakes, creme brulee French Toast, cookie dough French Toast, and even more inventive items, which makes Green Eggs a VERY popular brunch destination on weekends. Their tables outside even have umbrellas so everyone will be comfortable.

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Harper’s Garden | 📍31 S 18th St

Lush could be an understatement when it comes to describing Harper’s Garden vibe. Each “structure,” for lack of a better word, could be considered a personal terrarium or a cozy green-filled nook. The food is American seasonal and the cocktails are lovely. There are also tables for two tucked in behind the “terrariums” that look cozy and intimate.

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European Style

A.Kitchen | 📍135 S 18th St

It’s hard to get into a.kitchen, and for good reason: owner Ellen Yin racks up James Beards awards the same way Dawn Staley wins trophies. So make sure you grab a reso before sauntering on over. The cuisine is award-winning seasonal French-inspired cuisine.

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Devon | 📍225 S 18th St

With the awning, the flowers on the wall, a direct view of the Square, and a TV which may be visible from some of the seats outside, Devon is a good option for people watching on the Square. The cuisine is American, the cocktails are on point, and a completely revamped menu has everything from sizzling Wagyu beef on stone to a 3-tier seafood tower.

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The Love | 📍130 S 18th St

Inside or outside, Stephen Starr’s and Aimee Olexy’s The Love is always popular and always busy. It has that bustling, French vibe with a menu that is called “New American”. There is plenty of sidewalk seating, both along 18th Street, and then rounding the corner on Sansom, and with food that is critically acclaimed, reservations are a VERY good idea.

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Parc | 📍227 S 18th St

To say Parc is popular is a complete understatement. It is the Grand Dame of alfresco dining in Rittenhouse. However, with the streeteries no longer around (RIP) the sidewalk tables have become an even hotter table, where the notables go to see and be seen. With outdoor heaters for cooler days, you’ll never be cold.

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Pub & Kitchen |📍1946 Lombard St

Long a neighborhood staple, Pub & Kitchen‘s outdoor tables are generally almost always busy. Their relaxed atmosphere extends to their outdoor dining where you can find people catching up, parents, and dog owners enjoying their many options on a street that’s not too noisy (i.e, noisy in comparison with other streets). And with a number of tables, you may get lucky if you don’t have a reservation.

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Continental | 📍1801 Chestnut St

The rooftop at The Continental – Stephen Starr’s Asian-influenced diner-style restaurant – is a ton of fun. You get there via an elevator at the very back of the restaurant, and the indoor area on the roof feels reminiscent of a European ski-lodge. In addition to the bigger outdoor area, there are some intimate tables off of that ski-lodge area, and the overall vibe is fun.

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El Techo | 📍1830 Ludlow St

El Techo is the rooftop sibling of Condesa, the Mexican restaurant at the Motto by Hilton. It’s a lively rooftop with a retractable roof and lovely views of Liberty Tower, complete with a happy hour so it gets pretty lively! You order via a QR code on the table, making it super convenient to browse the menu at your own pace. Plus, the food and drinks are absolutely delicious – so good, you’ll not even notice the hotel fee add-on. BTW, did we mention they’re owned by the same company that owns Suraya and Kalaya?!

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Sidewalk Dining

Bar Bombón |📍133 S 18th St

Bar Bombon‘s tagline is “a delightful bar on a popular corner” but it’s more than a bar. It’s a charming and intimate restaurant that offers plant-based Puerto Rican food that’s both fun and delicious – perfect for when you want to catch up with a friend.

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Bellini |📍220 S 16th St

Bellini is a known local favorite with friendly staff who seem to know everyone in the neighborhood. The Italian food is comfortable, the prices are rational, and the desserts are to die for. The seating outside is limited but they are firm believers in hospitality and won’t be hustling you to leave.

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Black Sheep Pub |📍247 S 17th St

There are a ton of pubs that are known in Philly and Black Sheep Pub is consistently in that list. It’s a fun bar, filled with both locals and tourists. The outdoor setup is very relaxed with high chairs on both the 17th street side and alongside the alley, so perfect for hanging out with a crowd and having pub food.

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Bolo |📍2025 Sansom St

A Latin American and Rum bar, Bolo never disappoints. Likely because it’s the brainchild of Chef Yun Fuentes, the former executive chef for Alma de Cuba (RIP). Bolo does a lovely job of bringing the outdoors in, and that extends to the front of the restaurant. There aren’t many chairs available and the marble countertop isn’t the widest but it works for some small plates and drinks.

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Dizengoff |📍1625 Sansom St

The expanded Dizengoff not only looks bright and cheerful on the inside, it also is bright and cheerful on the outside. The purple benches on its “patio,” as they call it, are held for walk-ins only looking for modern Israeli food that’s delicious.

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Enswell |📍1528 Spruce St

📸: Yelp

This space has been reincarnated a few times but the current incarnation as Enswell by the same owners has struck a chord with the neighborhood as it’s always busy. They don’t accept reservations so people who come to Enswell to dine generally hang around until they can be seated because yes, the American, seasonal food and drinks are that good. The team recently added a table for 6 and they do have a couple of heaters.

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La Fontana Della Citta |📍1701 Spruce St

La Fontana Della Citta‘s sidewalk dining is a popular spot to enjoy Italian food, and regulars come for both lunch and dinner. It’s an especially popular option at night, as diners dine under a canopy of lights.

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Marathon Grill |📍121 S 16th St

Marathon Grill is the sibling to Marathon on the Square and one of the best dining options when you want something casual and you’re with people who can’t make up their minds as to what they want. So with options like Matzoh Ball soup, hummus, Pierogies, and more, everyone may – may – be satisfied. Their outdoor seating is plentiful along 16th and around the corner on Sansom in an area that is always bustling.

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Mix Bar & Grill |📍2101 Chestnut St

Mix Bar & Grill’s name is a bit of a misnomer because they have more than normal bar food: many pizza options, pear salad, edamame, 7 kinds of wings (yes, we counted), and outdoor dining tables that accommodate up to 6 people.

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Pietro’s |📍1714 Walnut St

Pietro’s is one of the best and most convenient spots for anyone in Rittenhouse. It’s on Walnut Street, close to the Square, and has a wide option of pizzas and pasta. The sidewalk outside the restaurant is spacious, and their team can combine the tables so large groups can sit comfortably as long as they are available. It’s owned by the Estia Group, so you know the food will be tasty.

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Restaurant Aleksandar |📍126 S. 19th St

Restaurant Aleksander is pretty unique: the decor is modern and they offer “traditional European” food alongside pretty cocktails. The sidewalk seating is limited to a few tables but they are perfect for people watching, plus they have umbrellas!

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Spice Finch |📍220 S 17th St

Rittenhouse may not have as many Mediterranean options as other parts of Philly but they are stellar – Spice Finch being one of those examples. The portions are more than ample-sized and their cocktail program has always been run by some of the best mixologists in the city. It’s located in The Warwick so it’s always bustling, and just know that its sidewalk seating is a bit tight due to the lamposts.

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Trattoria Carina | 📍2201 Spruce St

In the Rittenhouse-adjacent area of Fitler Square, Trattoria Carina is a local neighborhood gem for Italian food. Run by the same ownership as Pub & Kitchen – another neighborhood fave – there is plenty of sidewalk seating that extends far down the street and is almost always busy in warm weather.

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Tria | 📍 123 S 18th St

Sometimes you just want to hang where the food is not the most important item on the menu. However, Tria is a surprising wine bar – surprising in the fact that it has a wide variety of small and large plates in addition to a curated selection of great wines, making it a lovely spot to chill, sip, and eat.

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Village Whiskey |📍118 S 20th St

Mad props to Village Whiskey, a crowd favorite destination for a burger and whiskey, for eschewing uncomfortable outdoor chairs and going for the kind you’d jump at to have on your patio, i.e., if you don’t have them already. Plus, the seating is along the quieter side that is Sansom, so you’ll actually be able to hear your dinner companions.

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Zama |📍128 S 19th St

There is nothing not to love about Zama. It offers some of the best Japanese food, sushi, and service in the vicinity of Rittenhouse Square itself. Its outdoor seating is simple but works, so feel free to bring a furry, 4-legged friend along. We’re pretty sure they love Japanese food and sushi too.

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Good Dog |📍224 S 15th St

If you’re not in the mood to go into the bar, why not have the bar come to you? Good Dog‘s streetery doesn’t have a ton of space – literally just 3 tables – but if you come with a big group or you’re ready to make new friends, this is the perfect outdoor spot to hang out. Furry four-legged friends are (unsurprisingly) especially welcomed.

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Gran Caffe L’Aquila |📍1716 Chestnut St

Gran Caffee L’Aquila is always busy, for good reason: the food is great, the vibes are chill, the selection of entrees are extensive, the hospitality is warm, and the location is central to pretty much everything. It’s also not a HUGE restaurant, hence their streeteries – which they really fancied up the coolest lights you’ll ever find in a streetery – are popular.

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Rosy’s Taco Bar |📍2220 Walnut St

One of the best things about Rosy’s, beyond the rationally priced plus tasty Mexican food and drinks, is their wide array of seating options, both indoors and outdoors. They have both a streetery AND sidewalk seating. Best part? Their happy hour isn’t limited to the bar, and trust us, it’s a GOOD happy hour!

🔗 Website (📸: Rosy’s)

Rouge |📍205 S 18th St

Everyone who knows Rouge knows that brunch, dinner, or any other time of the day, it WILL be a party. That party extends to the streetery which they like to have fun with, decor-wise (it’s currently set up as a greenhouse). With sidewalk tables that aren’t small and an American-ish menu, Rouge should be on your list as the fun option.

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Sally |📍2229 Spruce St

For an alfresco experience in Rittenhouse-adjacent Fitler Square, you can never go wrong with Sally! Because small plates, sourdough pizza, and natural wine outside are never a bad idea. There is plenty of seating in its enclosed streetery and they also have some tables for six people on the sidewalk.

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Wilder |📍2009 Sansom St

The interior of Wilder is stunning, however, sometimes it makes sense to enjoy pizza, pasta, plus more outdoors. While it’d be hard to recreate the interior style outside, their team did a great job in jazzing up the no-roof streetery by adding an outdoor heater, umbrellas, and greenery to the pretty tables and chairs, for the best experience possible.

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Via Locusta | 📍1723 Locust St

With one of the few streeteries in the neighborhood AND sidewalk seating, Schulson’s Italian restaurant Via Locusta continues to be a popular option for people looking to stay by the Square. Fun fact: their happy hour is available outside as well!

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