Sunday Brunch Breakdown: Dining At Local Fave Pub & Kitchen

Long a local staple, Pub & Kitchen leans into an intimate tavern vibe, offering a casual brunch option when you just want to relax, either with friends or by yourself.

We’ve heard that the bar at Pub & Kitchen is where the party’s at. When we walked in on a Sunday morning the bar was completely full, with people catching up over brunch, and several Aperol Spritzes being served.

The bar is super long, as you can see from one of their official photos, and with the extra seating alongside the opposite wall, we’re sure it gets VERY lively. It was already lively and it was only Sunday morning!

📸: Pub & Kitchen

We had a reservation via OpenTable so we were whisked away immediately by a friendly host to a 2 seater just past the bar. Along the opposite wall were wooden booths, and the entire space was filled with diverse age groups, all of whom lived in the area and were catching up with friends, based on what we overheard.

As we’re the type of people who like to suss out the menu in advance of the restaurant we already knew what we wanted to order. However, a nearby table’s order of the chocolate chip pancakes with cinnamon sugar was sending a delicious aroma our way that made it hard to stick to the plan.

Besides sticking to the plan we also did not order what P&K is known for – its cheeseburger, only because we were in a breakfast mood.

We started off our meal with The Wrangler (Vodka, house-made spicy bloody Mary mix with a salted rim) and an Old Fashioned.

One of us ordered the Disco Fries with a side of bacon (for extra protein, of course) which had Black Forest ham, cheddar sauce, chives, and an egg on top of shoestring fries. No, they weren’t hung over. We think. But it has potatoes, cheese, and protein plus they’re gluten-free, they went all in.

The classic P&K Eggs Benedict offered two poached eggs, Black Ham, and Hollandaise sauce over house-made biscuits, giving it a tasty twist.

It was heart-warming to see how busy P&K was on a chilly Sunday morning. We’re looking forward to when the weather warms up so we can sit outside.

📸: Pub & Kitchen

Thinking nights, especially on weekends, is when the party starts when the lights come on. It looks like you’re standing beneath twinkling stars.

📸: Pub & Kitchen’s YELP

TL;DR: As locals, we’ll be back. The vibe was charming, the food was good, the drinks were great, and the servers were sweet. What’s also nice is that they accommodate a really big group -20+ people big – with a private room upstairs that they call the Pabbit Room.

To stay up-to-date on P&K follow them on Instagram. To check out the interior in detail see this Google Map 3D walkthrough.