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Getting A Table At Parc Just Became A Bit More Difficult – A Fire At Parc Rittenhouse Damaged An Outdoor Dining Structure

The fire that broke out early Friday morning destroyed one structure & didn’t affect next-door neighbor Via Locusta.

In a city filled with fine dining Parc is one of the most iconic, well-known restaurants where the service and food are always stellar.

Outdoor dining has always been a part of the Parc experience, as an homage to the French cafe culture from which it is based. These covered tables were specifically added during COVID, but dining alfresco on Rittenhouse Park has been a part of the Philadelphia culture for decades, and today’s fire just means getting a table got a bit more difficult.

Early Friday morning a fire destroyed one of the outdoor dining structures at Parc. The good news is that it only affected one of the structures, and didn’t affect Via Locusta’s dining area.

Major, major, major props to the Parc team. They worked IMMEDIATELY to carefully dismantle and remove the dining structure damaged by the fire.

We’re very sorry this happened and grateful it wasn’t worse. Parc is a huge part of this neighborhood. We’ll follow up with details when we have them, and for now, we’re sending all our love and well wishes to the amazing Parc team.

UPDATE: An ABC Action news article noted that the cause of the fire could have been homeless people trying to stay warm.

Sources who viewed surveillance video say it appears homeless people were using the outdoor “streetery” and set a fire. They were reportedly seen running out after the fire started.