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Spring Is Springing As These 7 Local Hot Spots Bring The Flower Show To (Literal) Life

From fancy drinks with edible flowers to decor and dessert, these restaurants are kicking off a flower-inspired trend that we hope stays.

We don’t know about you but, we find March to be the longest month.

January is busy as we kick off our resolutions, February is a short month or feels like it even in a leap year. March not only has a full 31 days but also has weather schizophrenia. So indoor activities, like the annual Philadephia Flower Show, are perfect.

Some local businesses are drawing inspiration from the show and bringing it literally to life with creative drinks, food, and decor. So here’s the Rittenhouse-ish area (yes, we included Logan Square) hot spots where you can experience the flower show vibes from March 2nd through the 10th.

Alymra |📍1636 Chancellor St

📸: Almyra

The picturesque Almyra, from the “ceiling-hung floral installations” to “hand-crafted metal flower wall installments” and its “chandelier adorned with 140 glass flowers” is already peak flower core. But they’re going the extra mile and celebrating the flower show with a drink called The Petalouda that includes vodka, elderflower, and butterfly pea tea, topped with an edible flower. Which, honestly, all drinks should include.

NOTE: Prime-time reservations are a sport here, so plan accordingly; you can make them here.

Assembly |📍1840 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy

📸: Assembly

Yes, it’s Logan Square but it’s a fabulous rooftop bar, so what’s not to love? Assembly is also offering a custom cocktail with “butterfly-pea tea infused Stateside Vodka, St. Germain and lime.” No edible flower, sadly, but maybe if you ask nicely…

Reservations can be made here but note that they do charge a fee that’s separate from the bill.

El Merkury |📍2104 Chestnut St

📸: El Merkury

El Merkury is going 10 for 10 with another creative dessert. After Valentine’s Day’s “churrograms” they are launching a Hibiscus Flower Churro Sundae, a churro set atop a swirl of vanilla soft serve, drizzled with housemade hibiscus-orange syrup, and topped with caramelized hibiscus flowers. 

Follow them on Instagram for updates.

Ocean Prime |📍124 S 15th St

📸: Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime’s offering to the flower gods is a regular item on their menu which is both art and deliciousness: The Black Orchid with Belvedere Organic Blackberry & Lemongrass Infusion and St. Germain. Can’t really say that we know exactly what that is but please know we have tried it on your behalf and really like it! So if you’re not able to get there before the 10th then know that you can try it out anytime.

Reservations can be made here.

Oltremare |📍2121 Walnut St

📸: Oltremare

Chef Townsend Wentz’s under-the-radar (in our opinion) Italian seafood place is also joining the flower party by offering a custom cocktail called “Che Bello” made with butterfly pea flower infused gin, elderflower, and Crème de Violette.

Reservations can be made here.

Patchwork |📍1620 Chancellor St

Patchwork is the hidden hotel restaurant within The Hyatt Centric that has a balcony that is generally missed during peak outdoor dining season and happy hour. Their flower show inspired offering is The Beach Cruiser, containing Aperol, orange blossom, and rosé – perfect for spring weather aspiration.

Find the menu and reservation link on their site here.

The Rittenhouse Hotel​ | 📍210 W Rittenhouse Square

📸: The Rittenhouse Hotel

The Rittenhouse Hotel will be hosting a flower installation by Tailored Home and Flowers by Yukie (this could be the floral design studio they’ve hinted at on their site) plus a specialty cocktail available at The Library Bar.

NOTE: The library bar is intimate (so, small) and does not accept reservations.