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From Mat To Reformer: These Are The 9 Pilates Studios Where You Can Get Toned & Sculpted

There have never been more options in Rittenhouse for Pilates. Here’s the complete list along with pricing.

In a town filled with more people carrying yoga mats than people dressed in business suits, Pilates has come and conquered Rittenhouse. 

Here are all your options – studio or one-on-one – for practicing pilates in the Rittenhouse area, listed in alphabetical order. Note: this post was updated on 9/25 with pricing.


Location: 1500 Sansom St, 4th Floor.

Inspiration: Ballet, Pilates, and yoga.

Mantra: “barre3 mixes athleticism and grace to balance the body.”

Methodology: Low-impact workouts that combine isometric moves, small cardio bursts, and “mind-centering” breathing.

Mat or reformer? Mat-centric.

Pricing & Promos*: 1st class is free. They also offer 2 classes for $40 (expires in about 2 weeks) for new clients or 2 weeks unlimited classes for $99. Drop in price is $32.

Other notes: Available on Classpass.

See their schedule and deets here. *Prices subject to change

Club Pilates

Location: 1616 Walnut Street on the 1st floor.

Inspiration: A modernized version of Joseph Pilates’ original “Reformer-based Contrology Method.”

Mantra: “We believe that being in control of your body helps you to be in control of your life.”

Methodology: A nice range of classes, from beginner to advanced.

Mat or reformer? Both PLUS the Springboard, Chair, TRX, Bosu Ball, and rollers. The room is intimate and they have a few private rooms for 1-on-1 sessions.

Pricing & Promos*: They offer a free 30-minute intro class. Drop-in price is $39. If you want to become a regular there is an initiation fee then packages start at $129 for a select number of classes per month. UPDATE: As of October they are on ClassPass and GymPass. They are also covered by insurance, if you are lucky enough to have your insurance cover “clinical Pilates.”

Other notes: It just opened up in June so it’s got that new construction smell!

See their schedule and deets here. *Prices subject to change

Focus Barre & Yoga

Location: 1923 Chestnut Street.

Inspiration: True to Joseph Pilates’ methodology.

Mantra: “You will be empowered to discover your inner strength, transform mind and body, increase stamina, improve your health, and achieve a new and exciting physical well-being.” Whew!

Methodology: The Power Pilates method.

Mat or reformer? Mat. And barre, of course.

Pricing & Promos*: New clients can take advantage of 3 classes for $39 and 1-month unlimited classes for $99, drop-ins are $24 per class. See all the options below as they also offer digital classes.

Other notes: Also on ClassPass.

See their schedule and deets here. *Prices subject to change

Physique 57

Location: 1625 Walnut Street, 2nd floor. The entrance is in the alley behind Walnut St. though, on Moravian.

Inspiration: Ballet, Pilates, and dance.

Mantra: “It is a fitness experience that will leave you feeling like you can take on the world!”

Methodology: “Cardio and strength training sequences that use bodyweight as resistance and a ballet barre for support.”

Mat or reformer? It uses a mat for floor-based exercises.

Pricing & Promos*: New clients can get 2 classes for $32 and 1-month unlimited for $99. Drop-in classes are $32, 4 classes per month are $112, and 10 classes are $280. Note that students AND teachers get 20% off on top of this.

Other notes: They’re on ClassPass.

See their schedule and deets here. *Prices subject to change

Pure Barre

Location: 1701 Walnut Street, 4th floor.

Inspiration: Ballet with pilates and yoga thrown in.

Mantra: “Pure Barre is an empowering full-body workout that transforms you physically and mentally.”

Methodology: They offer 4 types of classes: Pure Barre Classic, Pure Barre Align, Pure Barre Empower, Pure Barre Define, all low-impact and high-intensity.

Mat or reformer? Mat for the floor-based exercises.

Pricing & Promos*: 1st class is free. They also offer 36% off the 1st month but that auto-renews for 3 months. Pricing is not on the site, I’ll update it when received!

Other notes: Doesn’t seem to be on ClassPass.

See their schedule and deets here. *Prices subject to change

Solid Core

Location: 2116 Chestnut Street.

Inspiration: Diplo, apparently. “A high-intensity low-impact full-body workout on a Pilates-inspired reformer, with EDM music blaring. And yes, it’s basically a cult.”

Mantra: “With the lights down and music up, you’ll find a stronger version of yourself by the first song change.”

Methodology: It utilizes slow and controlled movements designed to fatigue the muscles so they “build back stronger under strobing lights and dance music. FWIW, it is known to be a more challenging workout.

Mat or reformer? Both! They also have classes that focus on different body areas, which is nice.

Pricing & Promos*: Of all the studios on this list, they have the most variety of price options. New clients can get 2 classes for $18 or 2 weeks unlimited for $89. Drop-ins are $36 per class.

Other notes: They’re on ClassPass. Also, you can bring a friend for free once a month!

See their schedule and deets here. *Prices subject to change

Star Pilates ft. Amy Berger

Location: 2043 Locust Street, #5662

Inspiration: True to Joseph Pilates’ vision.

Mantra: “We focus on your body’s needs as the exercises strengthen, stretch, and lengthen your body.”

Methodology: One-on-one instruction only, which is neat. Fun fact: “Star Pilates instructors have over 600 hours of training under the tutelage of Joseph Pilates protégé Romana Kryzanowska.”

Mat or reformer? Both!

Pricing & Promos*: A single private session is $100, 5 are $475, and 10 are $900. They also offer virtual sessions.

Other notes: Not on ClassPass, sorr

Get deets here. Prices subject to change

Thrive Pilates & Yoga

Location: 2016 Walnut Street.

Inspiration: Yoga and Pilates.

Mantra: “You are exactly where you’re meant to be.”

Methodology: A focus on the mind and body, with a variety of low-impact classes that focus on building strength and flexibility.

Mat or reformer? Both! Plus the Springboard and TRX.

Pricing & Promos*: New clients can get 2 weeks unlimited for $69, 3 private sessions for $279, or 3 reformer classes for $119. Drop-in mat classes are $28, Springboard and TRX are $35, and Reformer classes are $48. See here for all the different pricing options including apprentice classes starting at $5.

Other notes: The owner, Hally Bayer, also offers one-on-one instruction both live and on-demand (see below).

See their schedule and deets here. *Prices subject to change

Thrive with Hally

Location: 2016 Walnut Street.

Inspiration: Her life experience in battling a chronic medical condition.

Mantra: “It’s time to feel vibrant, joyful, strong, flexible, calm, serene, mindful, grateful, optimistic, passionate, inspired, youthful, confident, beautiful, and authentically you.”

Methodology: One-on-one, personalized for you and your body’s needs.

Mat or reformer? n/a

Pricing & Promos*: The in-person session pricing is not listed on the site.

Other notes: Her life story is truly remarkable.

Get deets here.