Peek Inside Konditori, The Espresso Bar That’s Been Slinging Swedish Coffee Since 2016 In Rittenhouse

At the intersection of Ranstead & 17th Street, Konditori lives up to its name with an array of options suitable for a delicious -and well-caffeinated – coffee break.

If you’re a Brooklynite or someone who lived or worked in the Financial District then you probably are familiar with Konditori. It’s one of the earlier Swedish coffee shops that expanded in Brooklyn, with one lone outpost in lower Manhattan. In 2016 they also expanded to Philadelphia and landed (luckily!) in our neighborhood where it is one of the only Swedish coffee shops in the neighborhood.

This location is smaller than their NYC locations, and more akin to a traditional Italian espresso bar, where you drink your coffee standing at the bar. They have a few coffee tables outside, and they’re close to an office building that offers more seating. So it works out.

Konditori’s Philly location is also different in what it carries: It’s a Swedish coffee shop that carries and serves Swedish coffee but it doesn’t offer a wide array of Scandinavian items. Rather, it offers what busy people in the neighborhood need from their corner coffee shop besides, of course, coffee: a selection of non-coffee drinks, energy bars, pastries, and dessert items.

Fun fact about Konditori’s iced tea: They don’t have it in a jug, already steeped. You can choose from the various Harney & Sons selections they offer, then they’ll make it fresh for you!

We’re not sure where they get their pastries – bagels, muffins, and danishes – from, but they’re good! They also have fun things, like Chocolate Chip Sea Salt cookies, palmiers, and…Swedish Chocolate Balls aka coconut balls! These magical items are healthy and meant to be paired with coffee for an afternoon slump pick-me-up because the fats and whole grain will sustain you longer. Plus they’re gluten-free AND quite tasty.

They did pick the perfect name for a coffee shop that is cozy, friendly, and unique. One of the co-founders, Per Inglander, is a Swede who personally oversees the aesthetics for each and every one of the shops, to ensure they reflect the “warm, vintage and rustic environment” vibes. Basically, if you’ve been to one Konditori, you’ll feel at home in any one of the others.

Oh, and they happen to have the BEST – and most accurate – window slogan, in our humble opinion. Because we believe it to be true.

Find Konditori on Instagram here or better yet, try to find time to stop by as the baristas are very kind and know their craft VERY well!

📍40 S 17th Street