Sit Down & Enjoy The (Music) Show At These 4 Places In Rittenhouse

There may not be many options but they’re unique and interesting.

There is nothing more enjoyable, in my opinion than enjoying drinks, and sometimes food, while taking in a live music performance that’s not a concert, and not a DJ.  It’s perfect for so many things and particularly, a shared experience where you aren’t obligated to speak the entire time. It can be especially lovely in the city, either pre or post-dinner, feeling that you’re supporting the arts while sipping on an espresso martini.

The Rittenhouse area really doesn’t have as many options – yet – as there are across Broad, in Fishtown, and in South Philly. Each of these options, however, is unique and excellent in its own way. 

Chris' Jazz Cafe

🎶 What it is: Chris’ Jazz Club is considered one of the best and quintessential jazz clubs in all of Philly.  It’s seen many of the modern jazz artists like Junior Mance, Pat Martino, Kevin Eubanks, and more come here to share their music and passion for jazz.  

❤️ Why people love it:  You’re at a small table, close to the stage and performance, and seeing some of the best jazz musicians while enjoying a great meal and/or drinks.

🍽️ Food & Drink:  Owner Mark DeNinno is also the chef, serving up “southern/cajun food utilizing French techniques.”  The menu offers entrees in addition to small plates and cocktails in addition to wine and beer.

💰 Cost: Costs vary from a cover charge to dinner + show. 

📍Location: 1421 Sansom St.

Stay informed: See pass acts on their YouTube page, and for updates on their programming, follow them on Instagram here.

Curtis Institute

🎶 What it is: The Curtis Institute is a prestigious and respected classical music school. Fun fact: ALL students attend the school on a full scholarship. 

❤️ Why people love it:  The best and brightest attend this school so people feel a lot of pride in supporting and seeing rising musicians. Plus, you can explore and attend performances by instrument. 

🍽️ Food & Drink:  Depends on the venue where the performance is taking place. 

💰 Cost: Costs vary per show and seats. You can also attend student recitals for free. They’re held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the school year.

📍Location: Varies by performance.

Stay Informed: Find events (including free performances) here and follow their Instagram to stay looped in.

Kimmel Cultural Campus

🎶 What it is: Also known as the home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, the ballet, the Philly POPs, and more, The Kimmel Cultural Campus is one of the most important performing arts venues in Philly.

❤️ Why people love it:  It’s a beautiful venue in a convenient area with soaring ceilings and good food. It also offers constant programming, with something for everyone.

🍽️ Food & Drink:  There’s a concession stand, a coffee shop and two great restaurants from the amazing Jose Garces – Volver and Garces.

💰 Cost: Costs vary per show and seating.

📍Location: 300 S Broad Street.

Stay informed: Follow them on Instagram.


🎶 What it is: Vinyl just opened up in July of 2023 and has quickly become a hotspot for clubbers and happy hour goers alike. 

❤️ Why people love it:  The vibes.  They offer an eclectic mix of live performances such as dueling pianos and bands.  Plus, it’s also been billed on Yelp as a banging place for “the late 20s/early 30s” crowd so romance may await!

🍽️ Food & Drink: Cocktails, wine, beer, and small bites – at club prices. Luckily, they have a happy hour with live music and at a rational price point.

💰 Cost: Standard club costs. Some events may have cover charges, or be free, plus seating may cost extra.

📍Location: 215 S 15th between Walnut and Locust.

Stay informed: Follow Vinyl on Instagram  or get tickets on their site here.