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NYC Luxury Gym Chain Equinox’s First Philly Location Is (Finally) Under Construction

Equinox Rittenhouse is slated to open this fall, two years after The Laurel was completed as planned and just slightly delayed.

The rumors are true: Equinox is slated to open this fall in the building known as The Laurel.

The Rittenhouse location – it’s first in Pennsylvania – was originally slated to open this summer but ongoing construction at The Laurel which is the condo building whose lower floors are rentals, known as 1909 Walnut, delayed their construction.

However, the Equinox Rittenhouse location was always supposed to open two years after The Laurel was complete. That completion took a while because they had finished the condos and apartments but the construction on their outdoor terraces and in particular their pools (yes, they have two) took longer.

1909 Walnut pool rendering

Residents at the two buildings will get special pricing but each building has its own gym and pool (the only “amenity” they share is discounted parking), so a free membership to Equinox is not in the cards. The 1909 Walnut location had a smaller-sized gym so it wouldn’t be surprising if residents flock to the new Equinox, especially since they have a ton (rumor again) of ex-New Yorkers like yours truly.

Back to new about the gym: it’s slated to have a spa, Pilates studio (we can never have enough of those, right?), a cycling studio, and the normal offerings a luxury gym has, like personal training and eucalyptus-scented towels (IYKYK).

These are their plans for 2024:

  • Construction is underway
  • Showroom to open this spring
  • Presale begins this summer
  • Equinox opens this fall

Source: Reddit

So far, we haven’t heard of a pool (imagine having three pools in one building!) or anything that will make it uniquely different from the other locations. But we can hope!

You know we love watching construction happen so we’ll keep you posted on their plans and progress.

Official site: Equinox Rittenhouse