Retail Gods Giveth & Then They Taketh: Kitchen Kapers Is Going Out Of Business

It seems like the neighborhood can’t sustain kitchen retail stores.

First, the Retail Gods came for William Sonoma. Now they’ve come for the Philly Kitchen Kapers, which is closing by January 24th (or sooner if they get cleaned out).

Unlike Atmos, which closed all of its stores in the US (they’re based in Japan), it doesn’t seem as though the brand itself is closing shop.

Right now everything is 25% off. It also looks like the REALLY great stuff – e.g., Cuisinart and Breville – have been shipped to their other stores, the nearest one being Cherry Hill. But they had a couple of Nespresso items, Green Egg, and other items.

Other store owners in the area — who wished to remain anonymous — said that the landlord raised the rent aggressively once Kitchen Kapers’ lease ended. The Miel Patisserie across the street had the same challenge. It’s been well over a year with no new signee in sight in that location so JUST when we thought the corner of 17th and Chancellor was finally hopping with the new restaurant Almyra, now we lose Kitchen Kapers.