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After 3 Long Years, The Sporting Club At The Bellevue Is Back, And It Looks Hot

While it’s still undergoing a bit of lingering work it is open to meet your New Year resolutions!

Like the plain Jane next door who left a sleepy town for the big city, and came back a chic career-obsessed woman (if you’ve ever watched a Hallmark movie you KNOW this is the truth) The Sporting Club has come back as a modern-day swan.  

It wasn’t necessarily bad before apparently, it was just…retro.  And, as someone who didn’t experience the retro vibes but has been to gyms, I can definitely say that this new and improved Sporting Club is VERY nice.  Some areas were still in construction but they’re moving pretty fast.

Take a look: 

The Entrance

View from Broad Street

The elevator to the club is a bit tricky to find. It’s actually inside the parking garage next to the Bellevue on Broad Street. 

The Main Floor Lobby

📸: The Sporting Club

The main floor lobby offers a juice bar, coworking spaces, and even conference rooms, overlooking Broad Street.

📸: The Sporting Club

People chilling and working on a weekday.

The club is still adding little, detailed touches throughout the venue.

Event Space on the 2nd Floor

The event space on the second floor was still a work in progress when we visited.  The intention is to offer special events such a member mixers, outdoor yoga classes like sunset (or sunrise) yoga, and even the ability to rent the space.

Interested in the floorplans? See them here.

10,000 Square Feet: The "Gym"

This is, no doubt, the jewel in the Sporting Club crown.  The “gym” part of the club is MASSIVE! Look at it!  It’s over 10,000 square feet!

The second floor has access to the indoor track that runs the entire length of the gym portion.

There are SO many machines!  Literally.  If you can’t find a certain machine then maybe it was recalled because there is PLENTY here. They also have Skillmill treadmills and Kinesis.

Here’s a complete list of the machines they have on the floor. It’s super impressive.

Fancy seating area to rest between sets.

📸: The Sporting Club

The view from another angle.

The Locker Rooms

📸: The Sporting Club

The regular locker room has nice toiletries but .. it’s a locker room. However, the showers were plentiful and very nice (no shower curtains, thankfully!)

📸: The Sporting Club

The Pool

📸: The Sporting Club

This is a rendering of the pool because it was still under construction when we toured.  

The locker rooms each have a passage way directly there.  There are also saunas available.  There will also be regularly scheduled classes but no reservation is needed to use the pool.

The Classes

In our opinion, THIS is the reason to join the Sporting Club – there are a ton of class options so if you want to try everything without having to pay per class, this is worth the monthly fees.  

There are 8 studios offering pilates, boot camp, boxing, cycling, dance, HiiT, strength training, barre, TRX, running, yoga, AND hot yoga classes, whew!  Check out the full list here.

Brand new cycles
The TRX studio
The Springboard room for Pilates
The Barre & weights studio
The HiiT room
The boxing and kickboxing studio

Sports Offerings

This is another great reason to join because it has some good options plus…PICKLEBALL!  See below for pics and find details here.

The basketball & pickleball court
Squash area
Casual ping pong area

This is the golf SIMs area. If you’re a golfer, this may not take the place of a Five Iron membership.  Firstly, they do charge for you to play here (not sure if it only applies to reservations), and secondly, there is no place to leave your golf clubs.  Plus, if you like to drink and golf, there is no bar ala Five Iron.

The Game Room

The game room is apparently going to be used for events as it will have a full bar.  During the day people were coworking there.

We’re looking forward to coming back to see it completely open. When we went on a random Thursday morning it was pretty busy so it’s good to see people there already.  They noted that the bulk of people who joined were previous members who got a pretty decent deal.

If you want a sense of the memberships you can find the initial offerings here but please note that they may have changed.

You can schedule a tour or get more info on their site here.