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Rental Roundup: 5 Interesting 3 Bedroom Apartments Near Rittenhouse Square

This week’s most interesting rentals on Zillow include a Delancey Place apartment and 2 units with private roof decks.

It’s the middle of July which means it’s (still) the height of the rental market. In this week’s round-up there is an apartment on swanky Delancey Place, one with quick access to vegan delights, a spacious place at The Hutton, a rental with a private roof deck on Spruce, and one across from Vernick.

📍2034 Delancey Pl: 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath

Location: Historic Delancey Place, closer to Fitler Square.

The price: $4,000 per month.

What’s nearby: The street is residential so should be quiet-ish.

Pros: It’s fully furnished and luckily the furniture looks unoffending, the fridge has an exterior ice + water maker, and you’ll be on Delancey St.

Quirks: It’s fully furnished. Also, if you’re not driving a fancy car you may need to park it elsewhere so you avoid any judgmental looks.

See it here.

📍1706 Locust, Apt #2: 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath

Location: On Locust, close to 17th St.

The price: $4,250 per month.

What’s nearby: You’ll be directly above the P.S. & Co, an excellent vegan and gluten-free place. You’ll also be on the same street as the excellent restaurants Via Locusta and Parc.

Pros: Some interesting choices here for the main hall chandelier. You’ll also be on the 2nd floor so you’ll have quick access to coffee and tea options at P.S. & Co. Not sure how hard vegans party but the cafe closes at 4p so there are likely NO parties.

Quirks: If you’re claustrophobic you may not enjoy the shower.

See it here.

📍105 S 18th St, Unit 5B: 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath

Location: At The Hutton on the intersection of 18th and Chestnut.

The Price: $5,400 per month but it’s spacious with close to 3k square feet.

What’s Nearby: Pretty much everything! You’re directly above the Di Bruno Bros. which has almost everything, opposite a Mac n cheese store and Cleavers for decent cheesesteaks. There’s also a club with hookah!

Pros: With all the food options available to you, you will never go hungry. Plus it’s a spacious apartment!

Quirks: It may be on a super noisy street as apartments at The Hutton have a high turnover rate.

See it here.

📍1924 Spruce St, Penthouse! 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath

Location: 19th and the very pretty Spruce St.

Price: $5,000 per month

What’s Nearby: Food & Friends is on the corner and offers an excellent selection of beers, wines, seltzers plus more, two good bakeries – Metropolitan and The Bakeshop on Twentieth – are nearby (so bringing dessert for holidays will be a breeze), as is Marathon Grill.

Pros: With that lovely rooftop you can throw some great parties.

Quirks: With that lovely rooftop you also have no excuse to NOT throw parties.

See it here.

📍2023 Walnut St, Apt 3F: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Location: 20th and Walnut. Note Walnut is a major street so it may will get noisy.

Price: $3,900 – not too shabby for 1,800 square feet for an apartment by the park

What’s Nearby: It’s restaurant row with Vernick and Vernick Wines, Revolution Taco, and the new My Loup. There’s also a psychic on the corner of 21st who claims to be reputable.

Pros: Decent price, duplex unit, hardwood floors AND a private roof deck with pretty good views!

Quirks: It’s a duplex with 1,800 square feet so not sure how spacious the bedrooms are but hey, private roof deck!

See it here.