Figs, The Healthcare Apparel Company, Appears To Be Coming To Philly

The new store will join brands Joybird, Saatva, Brooklinen that have also made their home on Walnut Street.

Walnut Street continues to beef up its presence of D2C brands that are expanding to brick-and-mortar. The newest addition is Figs aka the Lululemon of the healthcare apparel industry which will be nestled between the Urban Outfitters and the closed Alma de Cuba.

Surprisingly, the healthcare apparel industry is a $66 billion dollar market that Figs was able to disrupt by offering an array of colors, fabric that I hear is comfortable, and crazy marketing that caused it to go viral including this notable one which was a nightmare for the marketing team, I’m sure.

It’s not surprising that a D2C brand wants to be part of the mix that includes linen store Brooklinen, luxury mattress brand Saatva, athleisure’s Outdoor Voices, midcentury-ish furniture company Joybird, jewelry store Mejuri…whew!

Not sure if this is all of them too but it’s impressive. However, even in a city where people running in scrubs is the norm, having an actual storefront is a bold and gutsy move. Perhaps it spurns a movement to make getting apparel for your job or school as simple as walking in and out of a store.