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A Hero Went Hunting For The Best Cougar Bars And May Have Struck Gold

An oldie but goodie Redditor’s guide to finding older and wealthy women in Philly.

The Philly subreddit is always the gift that keeps giving. This time Redditor Waru reignited a 2  year-old conversation about the best cougar bar in Philly.

“So uh did we ever get a results post from the guy who asked for Cougar bars last year?  I’m legitimately interested to see how he did and if he has insight statistics on which location(s) he did best in.”


He was referring to the post from Redditor Faithful2theGrind who expressed interest in meeting “some beautiful mature ladies.”  And while Philly isn’t quite as expensive as New York City, who can blame him for wanting to meet a divorcee who is living the life and may be looking to play the cougar role? You know, just for fun, not just to be kept as whatever a cougar’s counterpart is.

The Rittenhouse located bars that made the list included:

  • Del Frisco’s
  • Rouge
  • Devon
  • The hotel bars at the Ritz-Carlton, the W, and the Sofitel

I hear that Del Frisco’s is known for being a pick up place for ladies of the night on Fridays or Saturdays but Redditors enthusiastically endorsed it for finding Cougars as well. 

So how did the original Cougar hunter make out?

“Ended up fleeing Del Frisco quickly as there weren’t many beautiful mature ladies on-premise at the time I popped in despite the hype. Then I went to Rouge which turned out to be a total gem. I met a sensual cougar named Debra (44) who invited me back to her residence in Old City.”


So proof that Rouge is a strong, leading candidate for Cougars unless you want to adventure outside of Rittenhouse.  And if you’re super lucky she may even make breakfast like she (supposedly) did for the original Redditor.

“This morning not 4 hours ago she made me banana pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup and they were just incredibly scrumptious. She is going to send me the recipe. Anyhow, I think this could be the start of a really nice relationship for us. She invited me over for sunday dinner too.”