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CRIME BLOTTER: Dog Abandoned At Dog Ice Cream Store, Salty Paws

Plus police foot chases are not just happening on TV, Warby Parker had midnight visitors, and a man shook his cane.

In this week’s crime blotter a cute dog was abandoned at Salty Paws, the police were VERY busy with foot pursuits, Warby Parker wuz robbed, and a man apparently threatened security.

Dog Abandoned At Salty Paws, the dog ice cream store

Who’d abandoned this adorable creature?  But that’s exactly what happened on Sunday when Angel was left at the Rittenhouse Salty Paws, with Karla the store manager.  

An elderly couple claimed they bought the dog for their ungrateful son. Ungrateful because the son apparently didn’t want the small, white dog.  So, like any good parent I guess would do, they left the dog at the first dog place they could find which happened to be Salty Paws. OR they figured the dog would live in the ice cream store? Not sure what their logic was there.  It’s all confusing.

Anyway, Angel is now with Wet Nose Rescue and will be available for adoption next week

Police Give Foot Chase To Bloomingdale’s Outlet Shoplifter

It appears that the Bloomingdale Outlet attracts different shoplifters than Nordstrom Rack.  

Unlike the Nordstrom Rack shoplifter that climbed onto the roof where he hung out for about two hours this shoplifter hit up the Bloomingdale’s Outlet in Liberty Plaza and took off. Not sure what he took that made police hot after him since that outlet doesn’t even carry Kate Spade but they definitely chased him and caught him at the nearby Dilworth Park.

Foot Chase #2: Police Chase Republic Bank Thieves

This was a more traditional heist. The Republic Bank on 16th and Market was robbed and the police were able to chase down the two thieves who made off with an undetermined amount of loot.

Looking For Free Accessories

It appears that someone really, really, really, really wanted eyeglasses at 1am in the morning because there may have been a break in at the Warby Parker store on 7/12.

Threatening behavior

A man may have “weaponized” his cane against a couple of security guards at the Club Quarters hotel on Chestnut St.

Stay safe everyone!

Note: Crime information was pulled from Citizen.