Philly’s Reformation Opens, Offering Women More Options For Polished, On-Trend & Event Ready Clothes Plus Shoes

Replacing Outdoor Voices at 1723 Walnut, the popular women’s brand brings fresh options for clothes and shoes.

Sometimes, when the Retail Gods taketh they also giveth a brand that gets people super excited. In our neighborhood, that brand was Reformation.

We underestimated HOW MUCH the neighborhood girlies wanted the sustainable women’s clothing brand where everything is designed, produced & shipped in Los Angeles – this was our first Instagram post that netted 40K+ impressions!

We were just as excited as Reformation is an upscale, aspirational brand whose presence in Rittenhouse on the same block as Tiffany, and close to Anthropologie reaffirms Walnut Street as a premier shopping destination in Philly proper.

The store is not large but laid out well, and packs quite a bit into the space, carrying chic everyday items like jeans, seasonal tops and bottoms, and a selection of gorgeous silk dresses for events. This location did a great job in transforming the prior Outdoor Voices brand to create the laid-back, romantic vibes that Reformation stores are known for.

Reformation also brings a curated selection of shoes and bags which makes it a solid option to check out when you need a dress and shoes, and possibly a bag, at the last minute.

There aren’t many places in Rittenhouse that you can run into for event-friendly heels at a certain price point, so this is a nice store to remember should you need shoes that can multi-task for a fete AND a dinner out (ideally in Rittenhouse, of course).

We don’t normally talk about dressing rooms, but…we need to talk about THESE dressing rooms! They were spacious, and comfortable under our feet (we think it was velvet carpeting?!), the lighting was lovely, and the salespeople were super friendly. They were (not surprisingly) dressed very well, and inspired us to purchase a skirt they were wearing.

Speaking of service: the salespeople/brand ambassadors were incredibly sweet, and just as excited as everyone running in the MOMENT Reformation opened its doors. We chatted with Mia, the district GM who shared that this was one of her last store openings for a while so we’re thrilled Rittenhouse was on Reformation’s new stores list.

When you have a moment, or are just curious, be sure to stop by and welcome them to the neighborhood.

You can follow Reformation on Instagram here to stay informed on what’s happening at the brand level!

📍1723 Walnut Street