“Eatertainment” Flight Club Darts Is Finally In Flight As Construction Gets Serious

The latest activity + food entrant to Philly launching at 1417 Walnut had a tentative opening date of summer.

You can still go to a bar to play darts but what about your own private darts booth with food and just your BFFs, near a bar?

Flight Club Darts, which is run by the same company that owns Puttshack, is thinking it has a winning concept or “eatertainment” which, we’ll admit, has a pretty nice ring to it. When the project was first announced last Fall, they had announced a tentative summer launch.

Judging by this week’s construction pics, they may have a little bit of work to do, to transform it from previous occupant Citizen’s Bank (which moved to Broad St).

Both an eatertainment and a bank can take your money, so we’re thinking this location is perfect! Seriously though, how cool does the finished product look?

And even more importantly, we’re hoping it gives that dead area of Walnut, that is, the area between 15th and Broad Streets, a jolt of much-needed life.

Keeping our fingers crossed for a Q4 opening AND new occupants for that area to keep it company.

📍 1417 Walnut St