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Construction Watch: Demolition Of The Old PHA Building at 2012 Chestnut St Is Progressing

Actual construction won’t begin for quite some time, judging by the slow if steady work to remove the decrepit

It takes a long time for construction to get underway and, at the long neglected Philadelphia Housing Authority building at 2012 Chestnut St, it’s definitely taking its time. BUT IT’S MOVING!

April 22nd Update:

Scaffolding has now extended to the sidewalk as they continue slow but steady demolition (maybe because the building was built back in the day with now unsafe materials?)

The Teletubbies are almost all gone!

The area continues to be cleared up!

March Update:

Comparing it from the photo below, taken in January, the crews have made progress in clearing a pathway to the building itself.

We can’t wait to see the construction begin to create a new apartment building, even if it means the sidewalk may be blocked for quite some time, because it’ll make that part of Chestnut so much nicer.