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From A Modern Trinity To A Rittenhouse Square Condo With A Costco Closet: Here Are 10 Homes For 5 Budgets That Will Fulfill Your City-Living Dream

It’s not a friendly buyer or sellers’ market but there are still homes that fit within various budgets.

Let’s face it: it’s not the best housing market, either for a buyer or a seller.

If you’re in the market to buy a home, the mortgage rate jump from 3% to almost 8% is cause for pause. And then you have the people who want to move or upgrade but can’t, because they already have a low mortgage rate. This in turn makes inventory limited which means…high home prices for whatever is available.

According to the data, Philly doesn’t have some of the inventory issues that other cities have. Even if there doesn’t seem to be a ton of homes that’s normal given that it’s now the off-season. So that’s not surprising. What is surprising is that among the current inventory, there are potential dream homes available.  

I scoured Zillow to find 10 homes within the Rittenhouse area that would work within a budget of $500K all the way to $3M, each having the potential to fulfill your city-living home dream. 

Max Budget: $500K

The dream: A modern Trinity with great curb appeal, within an intimate community.

📍The address: 117 S Beechwood Street

💰 The price: $475K

🏠 The space: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1,085 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: This lovely outside, modern on the inside Trinity is located within a gated community. So it will be somewhat quiet and offer an intimate nook within the larger city.  

📉 The quirks:  Since it’s within a gated community you’re going to have to get along with your neighbors as the outside areas are shared – there doesn’t seem to be any private outdoor space. However, if your kids and their kids are around the same age, it will be a match made in heaven. Plus, the basement needs some love.

🅿️ Parking? No.

🔗 See it here.

The dream: Living in a light-filled adorable townhome on an alley-ish road lined with trees.

📍The address: 2016 Waverly Street (teetering on the border of Fitler Square)

💰 The price: $670K

🏠 The space:  3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 1,260 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: Great curb appeal on a super quiet, tree-lined street that’s not as narrow as an alley. TONs of light and a lovely, twisty espresso staircase.  Also, the top of the home seems to be the master suite which is great for privacy.  

📉 Cons & quirks: That twisty staircase may take some getting used to. The basement needs some TLC, should you wish. And it’s a clean interior with limited vintage details.

🅿️ Parking? No.

🔗 See it here.

Max Budget: $1M

The dream: Living on top of the world with stunning views & a building that is an integral part of the Philly skyline.

📍The address: 2 Liberty Place:  50 S 16th St, unit 5104 

💰 The price: $1,000,000

🏠 The space:  2 bedrooms, 3 baths condo with 1,522 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: It’s in Liberty Place, so it has retail and the condo is on the 51st floor (out of 58).  The views are stunning, to say the least. The building also has plenty of amenities, as it should for a million-dollar home.

📉 Cons & quirks: Well, it’s not the sexiest cross street – Chestnut with its commuter traffic – and the retail stores are the next sexiest either, like Auntie Anne’s and Victoria’s Secret.  Fun, yes, sexy, no (sorry VS, you had your moment). Plus, the views are lovely. Just know some of them include the other tower which changes colors to match what’s happening in sports and life. 

🅿️ Parking? Yes, for a fee, and super convenient as it’s in the building. 

🔗 See it here.

The dream: Living in a quintessential Philly row home that retains some of its history and is completely modern.

📍The address: 1716 Spruce Street, Unit #5

💰 The price: $1,025,000

🏠 The space:  1 bedroom, 2 baths condo with 1,10 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: It’s a brownstone from 1850 so it has historical details throughout but it’s been completely modernized. This unit has super high ceilings, a private but shared outdoor space such as a roof deck plus a garden.

📉 Cons & quirks: This was a townhome that was broken into 8 (!!!) condos.  So not sure how thin the walls and floors are or if they built soundproofing.  

🅿️ Parking? Yes, for an additional $150K.

🔗 See it here.

Max Budget: $1.5M

The dream: Living in contemporary townhome with luxurious details & a rooftop with a view.

📍The address: 532 S 16th Street

💰 The price: $1,399,000

🏠 The space:  3 bedrooms, 4 baths with 2,377 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: The home has been renovated from top to bottom and the listing on Compass is filled with wonderful broker babble such as:

  • “The centerpiece, an inviting island, beckons culinary creativity and convivial conversations.”
  • “a realm of indulgence unfolds as you enter the exquisite primary suite sanctuary.” (lowercase “a” is their typo)
  •  “A dual vanity exudes sophistication and a sense of space.”

Usually, dual vanities take up space, not create it but I’m not the broker so … maybe?!  Plus in addition to all the indulgence, sophistication, and space, this home also offers nice curb appeal, great flooring, and light fixtures that everyone can discuss at the “inviting island.”

📉 Cons & quirks: Location-wise, it’s a bit far from the park but, on the flip side, you get a great view of the skyline along with all the dining options that South St offers.  Also, this home has a ton of details from the black wood wall to the light fixtures that would need to align with your tastes. Sure, you can swap them out, but everything seems to be intentional and compliments each other.

🅿️ Parking? Yes, and it’s in the FRONT (the broker seemed excited, so guessing this is a big DEAL).

🔗 See it here.

The dream: To live in the lap of luxury on Rittenhouse Square itself in a building rich with history & amenities.

📍The address: 237 S 18th St Unit 17A

💰 The price: $1,695,000

🏠 The space:  3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths condo with 2,800 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: Its history. It was THE hotel to be at back in the Art Deco days, built by the company led by J.E.R Carpenter that developed The Empire State Building and then acquired by the developer of the Pentagon aka “the man who built Washington” John McShain. It kind of changed direction in the ’80s:

“The hotel was the site of the FBI’s Abscam sting operation in 1980, which exposed corruption in government. Federal agents posing as Arab sheikhs rented a suite here, where they solicited the help of local, state and federal officials.”

History aside, it’s an interesting layout with plenty of room for your art, based on the floorplan. Plus that lobby is stunning and it’s right above Barclay Prime – convenient for when you want a  $185 seafood platter or authentic Kobe striploin. Or their famous $140 cheesesteak.

📉 Cons & quirks: The pictures at the link don’t give you a good sense of how big the apartment is. This means the condo may not be completely move-in ready, with opinionated wallpaper, etc.  And it has a butler’s pantry!

🅿️ Parking? No, but you have access to a chauffeur-driven Mercedes S-class.  Super extra!

🔗 See it here.

Max Budget: $2M

The dream: To own an earthy, luxurious carriage house on a side street that was also featured on HGTV.

📍The address: 1514 Waverly St (so closer to the park)

💰 The price: $2,250,000

🏠 The space:  4 bedrooms, 3 baths and 4,306 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: It’s a carriage house that was created by combining 3 carriage homes (?!)  on a quaint street, with a lot of the details still intact yet modernized – it includes an elevator that can quickly take your guests directly to the rooftop.  It also has an artist’s studio so unleash that creativity!  Or take up pottery ala Ghost. The listing notes that it was on HGTV but I couldn’t find the clip, sorry.

📉 Cons & quirks: It’s a good example of an industrial-style home.  Which is great if you like that style but maybe not so much if you don’t.  Also, the rooftop won’t have the best views but it does look neat.

🅿️ Parking? Yes, for 1 car. It originally could fit 1 horse, so this checks out IMO.

🔗 See it here.

The dream: To live in a spacious condo on Rittenhouse Square that offers tons of cabinetry & a "Costco" closet.

📍The address: 1900 Rittenhouse Square, Apt 10A.

💰 The price: $2,550,000

🏠 The space:  3 bedrooms, 3 baths condo with 2,700 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: It’s on the Square and smack in front of the park, which means you see nature before you see other buildings – a lovely view.  The listing however emphasizes the amount of kitchen cabinetry this condo has which, to be honest, is a lot.  Combine that with their “Costco” closet clearly this is an ideal place for someone who prefers to save money by buying in bulk.  

📉 Cons & quirks: This is a bit smaller than the Barclays condo PLUS it’s on a lower floor. There’s also not much you can do with that Costco closet other than store … Costco stuff.  

🅿️ Parking? Nope.  But do you need it when you have enough groceries to possibly sit out a zombie siege?

🔗 See it here.

Max Budget: $3M

The dream: To live on Delancey Place, the fanciest & most expensive residential street in Philly.

📍The address: 2103 Delancey Place.

💰 The price: $2,795,000

🏠 The space:  5 bedrooms, 5 baths home with 4,428 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: It’s on Delancey Place.  Is it the safest street in the city? No, but it’s city living so you always need to be self-aware.  The pluses?  You’ll have equally fancy neighbors, own a home with lovely curb appeal, and one with unique features like that tiled wall, built-in bookcases, and a HUGE rooftop patio. If that tile looks familiar it’s because I’ve featured this home before because it is unique.  

📉 Cons & quirks: It’s a historical home in the city so make sure that thing is appraised before closing. Also, the bathrooms are a bit too simple IMO.

🅿️ Parking? It offers a very nice 2 car garage.

🔗 See it here.

The dream: To live in a mansion complete with parking & a ton of original, historical details.

📍The address: 2012 Spruce St.

💰 The price: $2,995,000

🏠 The space:  5 bedrooms, 5 baths townhome with 7,75 sq ft.

📈 What makes it unique: Of all the homes on this list, this is the one with the most square footage by far.  And it has the most historical details intact, such as the ceilings, the wood, some of the floors, and that beautiful stained glass.  Then there is the fact that some of the space has different floors altogether, so it feels that you’ve changed decades.

📉 Cons & quirks: All of the unique features that make this home unique are also its quirks, and possibly a con, depending on your tastes.

🅿️ Parking? At this price point? Of course!  It offers a 2-car gated parking area just next to the patio. 

🔗 See it here.