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From Delancey to S Van Pelt: 5 Impressive Homes For Sale That Will Wow Your Visitors

There’s no need to settle for blah in a city that offers homes filled with rich history and where residents prize every historic detail.

Rittenhouse Square offers something to everyone – just ask the Michael Jackson impersonator who’s been moving around the area for years. Here are the 5 impressive townhomes for sale, ranging from a mansion on Delancey to a quiet building on S Van Pelt, that won’t make you cry every time you pay your mortgage bill.

2103 Delancey St – $2.9M

Where: 21st & Delancey.

What: 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 4,428 sq ft.

Wow Elements: That “custom mosaic wall mural by Isaiah Zagar!” That fireplace that is a “custom Tigerwood mantle by Pappajohn Woodworking!” PLUS a 2-car garage, some great outdoor spaces, and the coveted Delancey St address.

Quirky Elements: The closet door choice is interesting.

See it here.

1910 Rittenhouse Sq – $5.2M

Where: 19th and Rittenhouse Sq right in front of the park, next to The Ethical Society.

What: 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, and 5,488 sq ft.

Wow Elements: The owners preserved quite a bit of lovely details here, such as the windows. There is a handsome library room, interesting nautical windows for one of the bedrooms (maybe in the basement), and a kitchen that offers a strong statement.

Quirky Elements: This one room is reminiscent of a private poker room for the ladies, with the wallpaper on the ceiling. Hopefully the owners are open to leaving that table that fits the decor perfectly.

See it here.

2143 Locust St – $2.1M

Where: On Locust and 21st street. So not too far from great margarita deals at Rosy’s Taco bar.

What: 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, and 6,080 sq ft.

Wow Elements: It certainly looks unique and comes with an interesting pedigree that you can expound on during dinner parties. It was originally designed by architect Charles Barton Keen who was a “prolific designer of suburban residences and country estates,” then purchased by another architect, this time one who was known for Cuban Modernism (his story is worth the read). The wood panelling also offers fodder for conversation, as does the very modern kitchen.

Quirky Elements: The bathrooms align with the kitchen’s aesthetics but is not quite extra.

See it here.

107 S Van Pelt St – $1.65M

Where: S Van Pelt St off of Walnut.

What: 3 bedroom, 4 baths, and 2,903 sq ft.

Wow Elements: The curb appeal is undeniable, although it could use some window planters or ivy. S Van Pelt is a quiet street too which is unusual in a busy city. The garage, private garden (which could also use some sprucing up), and the pretty arched windows make this a win-win.

Quirky Elements: The chandelier looks like a gathering of stalks from the Children of the Corn movie.

See it here.

1725 Pine St – $2.35M

Where: 17th & Pine St.

What: 5 separate apartment units.

Wow Elements: This isn’t a bad option if you don’t need all 5 bedrooms to yourself. The outdoor space WITH A PIZZA OVEN is adorable, there are interesting details throughout the different apartments, and the kitchen sizes aren’t too bad. It also comes with a garage with an apartment on top of it, which is possibly the icing on the cake.

Quirky Elements: Judging by the window unit the building may not have central A/C.

See it here.