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Stay Calm & Eat Cookies: Philly’s Rittenhouse Neighborhood Is Getting 2 Brand New Cookie Shops

Taylor Chip & Blueprint are delicious-looking options that are slated to open (hopefully) before the end of the year.

NO disrespect to Insomnia, however let’s face it: cookie fans in Rittenhouse don’t have lot of choices for cookie-only stores. Famous 4th is awesome but… Reading Terminal is sometimes a hike. And there’s nothing not to love about the great bakeries like Metropolitan and The Bakeshop on 20th, however, the Rittenhouse people deserve options.

By the end of 2023 (fingers crossed!) Rittenhouse will have not just one but TWO – TWO! – brand new cookie shops joining Insomnia, providing nothing but plentiful sugar options and more.

Taylor Chip @Chestnut & 18th St

The Brand: Taylor Chip is a legit mom and pop store (plus an adorable child) that is headquartered in Lancaster.

The Location: On Chestnut and 18th. You can also grab a bike to ride off all those calories so it’s a win/win!

The Shop: Beyond the delicious looking cookies, per What Now Philly the shop will also:

  • Offer a wide array of ice cream made from their own Lancaster milk.
  • Have coffee and tea drinks (spoiler: Taylor Chip offers their own coffee line).
  • Have gluten-free and vegan cookie options.

The Cookies: As a New York transplant these cookies are giving me serious Levain vibes (iykyk) based on how they look from the outside. The inside apparently is all yummy gooey? Either way, they offer 30 different options (!!) plus with ice cream, coffee, and, of course, cookies, there should be something for everyone.

The Timing: Doug Taylor noted that they are hoping to be open by Christmas so we’re sending them nothing but good vibes. Follow them on Insta for updates.

Blueprint Cookies @ 20th St & Spruce

The Brand: Blueprint Cookies is a South Florida based shop started by 2 soccer-loving friends and whose mantra is all about the “cookie journey.” As someone who is kind of tired of yoga and who can’t resist cookies, this mantra speaks deeply to me.

The Location: It’s replacing the empty Rittenhouse Manicures & Waxing on 20th St between Spruce and Rittenhouse, joining a carb-busy area that includes The Bakeshop on 20th and Spread.

The Shop: Judging by their TikToks the shop looks more akin to an original Insomnia Cookies store, that is, selling just cookies with milk or water to wash it down. The Insomnia in Rittenhouse offers ice cream and a number of drink options. Deets to come!

The Cookies: They look pretty fancy! Blueprint has a rotating menu with a vegan/gluten-free option. The menu is posted on their Instagram each week.

The Timing: Blueprint is also hoping to open by the end of the year so once again, our fingers are crossed for them too.