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3 Homes For Sale With Outdoor Spaces Suitable For Epic Dinner Parties

Pick one - any one really - of these Rittenhouse Square homes that offer more than ample outdoor space.

Living in the city has tradeoffs but what if you could have both? These 3 homes for sale in Rittenhouse Square offer exquisite and unusual outdoor space for your biggest, and most epic, dinner parties.  

📍219 S 18th St, #1115 - $1.7M

The Building:  The Parc

The Location: Right on top of Parc with the entrance just before the restaurant.

The Cost: $1.7M for 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 1,839 square feet.

Dinner Party Ideas: How about a black tie soiree, catered by Parc?

Quirks: It’s a bit cookie cutter but definitely move in ready!

See the listing here.

📍1900 Rittenhouse Penthouse - $3.3M

The Building:  1900 Rittenhouse (yep, that’s it).

The Location: Right on Rittenhouse Park at 19th St, next to La Colombe.

The Cost: $3.3M gets you 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 3,500 square feet.

Dinner Party Ideas: How about a Great Gatsby party, indoors until that outdoor structure is finished.

Quirks: That wallpaper is a CHOICE.

See the listing here.

📍50 S 16th St. Unit 4604 – $6.5M

The Building:  Two Liberty Place

The Location: On Chestnut and above the shopping mall with Auntie Anne’s.

The Cost: $6.5M gets you a whopping 5,500 square feet which includes 2,400 square feet of just outdoor space.

Dinner Party Ideas: That’s a ton of space so feel free to host a wedding.

Quirks: There aren’t any historical or interesting vintage features.  Also, it’s a 1,500 wine bottle fridge that should remain stocked, if you ask me.

See the listing here.