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This Former Phillies Player’s Penthouse at The Lanesborough Can Be Yours For a Mere $3.2M

Pat the Bat’s opinionated “bachelor” pad has seen a price drop of $1.2M.

If your favorite pastime is Zillow surfing then we’re sure this stylish or, as the listing notes “this dramatic unit” will be up your alley.

That is, unless you’ve already given up on hoping to find something in the Rittenhouse area that’s not a dump for a rational price.  Dramatic may be a bit of an understatement here, to be honest, because once you start browsing the photos you realize that under that veneer of sophistication is a place giving off some interesting vibes.

Exhibit A:

It looks like a baby’s room at first glance, with a changing table and small chair but there’s a also pink treadmill?!  

While the penthouse is opinionated it does offer a stellar backdrop for art, statues, and whatever else you can scrounge up from estate sales since there is a TON of space.  Over four thousand square feet, to be exact.

On the plus side, if you’re really, really, really into sleeping you’ll be happy to know that almost the entire second floor – carefully separate from the weight area on one side, and the arcade games area on the other –  is the master bedroom.  

Exhibit B:

According to Crossing Broad Pat hadn’t lived here in years which may be a blessing if you’re a germaphobe and don’t feel like dumping gallons of bleach on your new home. However, we’re going to suggest some sage. 

See “this dramatic unit” for yourself here:

1601 Locust St Penthouse video tour