New to Rittenhouse in June: Influencer-Friendly Jewelry, The Other JCrew, More Pilates, And A Stretch Place

Mejuri is open as is JCrew Factory, Stretchlab, and Club Pilates but what’s up with the hotly anticipated Alo Yoga and Artitzia?

Let’s recap what new shopping and leisurely places opened and what didn’t in June. Which is typically a month that sees a bit of quiet after the students leave or graduate.

📍Open: JCrew Factory (16th & Chestnut)

If JCrew on Walnut isn’t quite your thing then check out JCrew Factory on 16th and Chesnut, directly opposite the now-vacant former home of H&M.  When I checked it out it had that nice new store smell and a good selection of shorts, flip-flops, and other apparel one needs for summer.  

📍Open: Mejuri (16th & Walnut)

Joining the other DTC brands on Walnut Street such as Saatvaa, Brooklinen, Faherty, etc. is the social influencers’ fave jewelry brand Mejuri.  Interestingly, they offer personal styling appointments and a piercing studio.

📍Open: Joybird (15th & Walnut)

There is another furniture store in the neighborhood! Joining Interior Define and CB2 in the vicinity is the D2C company Joybird. They’re known for a modern aesthetic but could also pass for 70s decor (in a good way). For whatever reason Walnut Street is DTC central and it’s been great to see digital only brands taking a gamble on a brick-and-mortar store in Philly no less.

📍Open: StretchLab (16th & Walnut)

File StretchLab under the category “Things I didn’t ask for.” Only because StretchLab, a studio devoted to stretching for a mere $50+ per session is now open on the 1st floor of The Icon, that building with the crazy lights and CKO kickboxing in the lower level. Pricing ranges from $105 per session for 25 minutes as a non-member to $539 for 8 sessions as a member.

📍Open: Club Pilates (16th & Walnut)

If stretching isn’t floating your boat or, if yoga already addresses your flexibility needs, then you may want to check out Club Pilates. This new pilates place is directly opposite the StretchLab in The Icon.  Based on informal anecdotes shared with me the reformer classes are killer in a good way.  They also offer TRX and barre.  With CKO kickboxing, Core Yoga, StretchLab, AND Club Pilates, I’m thinking all those Wharton and Drexel students living at The Icon have no excuse not to be fit.

🤷‍♀️Still TBD: Alo Yoga (16th & Walnut)

This is by far one of the most highly anticipated new stores.  Not just because we need more athleisure options besides Lululemon, Athleta, Outdoor Voices, and Rebel, but also because it’s an excellent replacement for the empty Modell’s windows.  Plus, given the amount of square footage it appears to be occupying it’s likely they will offer yoga classes. I’m assuming they’re looking to now open by the start of the fall semester or when they hire their store manager.

🤷‍♀️Still very very TBD: Artizia (Walnut, between 17th & 18th)

Back in March of 2022, the official Center City District Instagram account announced that Artizia would be coming to Philly. However, judging by the above photo and the fact construction hasn’t even begun, we may be waiting for a while more.