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Another Year, Another Epic Halloween Celebration on Delancey Street

Part two of our ramblings, exploring how residents have really upped their decor game.

I apologize for the lateness of this post BUT it’s much needed, especially since I missed what may be the biggest Rittenhouse Row Trick or Treat Trail on Saturday (I can confirm that it was the biggest since COVID-19, for sure). However, I’ve heard each year Delancey Street gets the bulk of trick or treaters and they have been voted the #1 street that’s most likely to hand out full sized bars.

So while I explored the neighborhood prior to Halloween, I had to, of course, go on the day of. And I’m SO glad I went, despite the sudden drop in temperature, and yes – they DO hand out full-size candy bars!

Delancey Street residents start set up at 4p, with activites beginning at 5p and lasting until 8p (give or take). Here a dinosaur oversees the preparation of hotdogs that anyone can partake on Delancey, right off 17th Street. There were also pretzels (those went fast).

One resident on the next block told me that they give out 1,000 full size candy bars each year until they run out. Last year they ran out just after 7p. I’ll have to ask her next year how long the candy lasted.

More popular than the hotdogs (?!) was the bouncy house on the same block (Delancey between 17th and 18th streets). That line kept getting longer, and longer…

This dude was guarding the entrance to a drinks lair, where there was plenty for adults and kids. This house also had the best mix of music playing IMO.

Frankstein appeared, handing out balloons to all the kids and puzzling passing dogs. This stretch of Delancey, between 17th and 18th streets was blocked off until 8p.

The Barbie house was MY favorite TBH. They were also playing the soundtrack, which made it even better!

Philly resident Midnight Popcorn’s Insta reel is by far the BEST recap of a fabulous night, including the Alice in Wonderland set up which was by 21st street.

Lastly…if you haven’t had a chance to follow lovephillywalks, well now’s your chance. She always does an epic job capturing the spirit of Philly, and this highlight reel is 🔥.

Thank you, Delancey Street, for all you do to make Halloween an absolutely fabulous event each year.