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Lululemon, Apple, & Footlocker: Looters Ransacked Select Stores For Their Tech, Athleisure Needs

After a chaotic night, the stores remain closed while employees at other stores are spooked.

Just before the retail stores that closed at 8p wrapped up for the night on Chestnut and Walnut streets some of them were hit.

In what appears to be a targeted attack (guess one goes in for yoga pants, others followed?!) mobs of young adults and teens attacked select stores in Rittenhouse: Footlocker, Apple, and Lululemon. All of these are closed for now while other stores in the area are closing early, just to be safe, not to mention that they’re also rattled.

See below for photo updates. We’ve reached out to the businesses and will share any updates as soon as we get them.


The store is closed after the craziness, and employees are cleaning up the store in complete darkness.

Kids Footlocker

The store is closed and doesn’t appear to have been looted. Nearby stores Staples and Old Navy – further down the block by the way – have announced an early closing for the day.


Employees are working behind the screens to get everything sorted out. Looters grabbed all the products on the tables and probably the accessories off the walls.


Looters bypassed Atheleta altogether and went for the #1 athleisure choice for women. Who can blame them? However, Athleta is apparently freaked out and the store (which is right next to Lululemon) is closing early today.

Also closed is New Balance, which may have felt that, as the only other shoe game nearby besides Atmos (wellness check indicated they were not hit) it shouldn’t be a target.

Overall, uniformed and undercover cops are out and about, on horses, bikes, cars, and on foot, while helicopters continue to monitor the city.

There are some rumors that Nordstrom Rack and Doc Martens were also hit but Doc Martens confirmed they were not. So was SuitSupply. All of them are closing early though.

The Fine Wines and Good Spirits is closed – ALL of them across the city are closed, by the way. They may have been looted but those employees made sure that store was good to go when they open again, because when I peeked inside it looked completely normal.

The craziness in Rittenhouse as reported by the news.

NOTE: This post was updated to confirm store openings and closings.