Swings, More Swings, Craft Beers, Board Games & Popcorn? Tapster, The Self-Serve Drinks “Hangout” Is Finally Open

In a town filled with restaurants and pubs, Tapster is a great option offering drinks beyond beer and a casual vibe.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Tapster, formerly the location of Philadelphia Runner on the corner of Sansom on 16th Street is the bright green colors and the pagodas where white swings hang on gold chains. It’s bright, cheerful, and casual. In short, it’s a vibe and a nice addition to Rittenhouse Square which is rapidly expanding beyond the shopping, restaurants, and pubs that has dominated the area.

HOW IT WORKS: You give the front desk a credit card, they give you a card that you can use to pour your drink. Note that after a number of ounces (I believe 32) they do require you to “reauthorize” your card – this is a PA legal thing.

There are craft beers on tap as well as cocktails like margaritas, the old-fashioned, and Negronis, in addition to soda, kombucha, cider, and hard seltzers (why is White Claw still a thing LOL).

You can also exchange your ID for board games, order shots, or even get popcorn at the register area. Frozen drinks to come.

In addition to the swing pagodas in the front area there is a back area that has more swings! Also, TVs are present throughout Tapster, even if they may be a tad smaller than a pub’s. But there are plenty.

We don’t usually cover bathrooms but we have to here. There are 4 (!!) of them, each with a Philly sports team indicated outside and corresponding decor inside. Also…there is a rival team’s um, sticker, in the toilet bowl. ‘Nuff said.

If you’re hungry you can order from Happy Rooster directly via the QR code on the table. It’s not the most extensive menu but it’s more than popcorn and they offer nachos. What else could you possibly ask for? How about express checkout?

Tapster is open every day starting at 12pm (hey, that’s 5pm in the UK) and until 2a on Fridays and Saturdays.

There has been a lot of moaning on social about the self-serve thing which doesn’t make any sense. After all, this is a town filled with plenty of options with more to come, and the front desk is NOT staffed by robots who might be plotting to take over the world. I think?

See The Inquirer‘ ‘s article for more deets.